Way of support

Way of support

We need financial support, most of all for the expenses of the (possible foreign) operation, with transfer to the following bank account: Szigetvári Takarék 50800111-15549116 

In case of transfer from abroad the IBAN number has to be given as well and the account number has to be completed with eight 0s: HU63-5080-0111-1554-9116-0000-0000

and the SWIFT/BIC code also has to be given: TAKBHUHB

Provided a joint venture decides to support our foundation, the historical cost of the support can be accounted for expenditure as the remuneration is not for a foreign citizen, and -the foundation declares that in the tax year of the remuneration its result will not be negative, not even without the remuneration and justifies this declaration after preparing its report.

We would like to express our thanks to the sponsors on this WEB-site. Provided the sponsors do not give their consent to it, please notify us accordingly.