The background

Preceding events

I was a student at the university of Pécs studying Physical Education-Coaching and Germanistcs. While at university I worked in a sports shop and I was an assistant-coach in the synchronised-skating team in Pécs and Zalaegerszeg, furthermore I did competitive skating. In my free time I danced (American jazz, hip-hop, contemporary dances) and was also a member of a motion theatre group and I coreographed a musical students’ drama group, where I bacame a member too. All in all, I was lucky to live my dreams.

The accident

The accident happened in January 2008. With the synchronised-skating team we were travelling to Zalaegerszeg to perform on a gala event. The car in which I was travelling skidded on the icy road and head-on collided with a car coming from the opposite direction. In addition to other injuries, my pelvis broke into three pieces, which was then fixed with a big in and out screw.

Following the hospital treatments there came hard and slow recovery, then three relatively bearable years on my legs. During this period – instead of reaching further improvement against all my efforts (with continuous physiotherapy, a long series of other treatments, medical examinations) my capacity to perform deteriorated, I could not work as much as before. I had to give up sport and my studies at the university. I changed university and worked only as a coach.

In 2012 my condition deteriorated significantly, I was forced to lie in bed, and I have been confined to bed since then. I have been examined by several doctors from Hungary and Switzerland, I have had a lot of treatments and tried a lot of different therapies but unfortunately without substantial improvement.


Now I have found a professor in Germany who has an idea of an operation with which I could have new chances as he could retrieve my pelvis. I would like to ask for help to this operation with this foundation and the WEB-site. The German clinic has already sent an official price offer, which can be seen here on this WEB-site under Expenses. Unfortunately I could only travel by air. We have also got a price offer from a company with this profile, which can also be seen under the mentioned menu point.